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Flynn attorney blasts law firm’s ‘lame excuses’ for failing to turn over all its documents

Michael Flynn’s attorney said the high-powered D.C. law firm that formerly represented him has offered “lame excuses” for failing to turn over all its documents related to his criminal case.

Sidney Powell, who took over Flynn’s defense from Covington & Burling law firm last summer, said the firm still has not provided critical materials.

“This is not a minor squabble about legal fees or copying costs,” Ms. Powell wrote in the filing late Wednesday. “This is a changing of the guard in a criminal case in which the client’s life, liberty and reputation are at stake.”

Ms. Powell, a fiercely outspoken attorney, suggested that Covington doesn’t want to turn the documents over because they could show malfeasance by Flynn’s former lawyers.

“The firm’s former client is alleging that his freedom is at stake in many ways because of his former lawyers’ malfeasance and misfeasance,” she wrote. “Evidence of that will provide his right to withdraw his plea and correct an egregious injustice he would not have suffered had he been represented by an unconflicted counsel afraid to advocate zealously on his behalf.”

Ms. Powell pointed to a July 2019 court order requiring Covington to turn over all of its records related to the Flynn case to his new legal team. At the time, Covington told the court a transfer of Flynn’s 1 million-page case file was complete.

Last month, Covington said in court documents that they overlooked 6,756 documents totaling 18,960 pages. That was on top of an additional 30 pages they had also missed.

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